Taxicard proposals to help the most vulnerable

November 8, 2006 3:14 PM

The City Council is proposing redesigning the Taxicard scheme to focus help on the most vulnerable and least mobile in Cambridge.

Coun Reid commented:

"Since the Taxicard scheme was first launched, there have been many improvements in transport for older people in Cambridge. The bus service has become more frequent and more reliable. Those over 60 now receive free bus travel all around Cambridgeshire. There is also an excellent Dial A Ride service, subsidised by the City Council, that offers trips at a flat fare all over the city.

"The Taxicard system, as it is currently is, very complex. (See website link below)There are two schemes, one for the over 65s and one for the under 65s. For those under 65 the tougher immobility requirements, exclude people who can't use buses and cars and many others find the £2.20 per journey too low to make Taxicard affordable for them.

Councillor Sian Reid

Councillor Sian Reid

"A cross-party review of Taxicard has taken place in the Community and Public Transport Steering Group. The review proposes that we focus the scheme on those with mobility problems and those in financial need, as well as increase the value of the vouchers. This means widening the mobility criteria for the under 65s and apply those criteria to all age groups. We would set aside the age criteria entirely. This is supported by the new Age Discrimination legislation which focuses on what people can do not how old they are. The benefits criteria will also be applied to all applicants. These changes allow us to increase the voucher value to £2.40 per journey."

See the Taxicard website for details of the present scheme

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