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Julian Huppert MP

County admits dangerous cycling provision

January 2, 2007 10:36 AM

Cambridgeshire County Council has admitted that dangerous mistakes were made in producing the cycling provision along King's Hedges Road.

Following concerns raised by local residents, North Area Committee formally asked Lib Dem County Councillor Julian Huppert, to liaise with the County Council in rectifying the dangerous pinch-points along the well-used route. Councillor Huppert met with senior officers at the County Council to discuss the problem, who admitted that the cycle-way was 'not safe' and that lots of mistakes had been made.

Councillor Huppert commented:

"The County Council are now admitting that they made significant mistakes when designing the cycle-way on King's Hedges Road. it involves dangerous pinch-points that put cyclists in danger.

"These are mistakes they they shouldn't have made in the first place. Safety is crucially important on our roads and cycle-paths. North Area Committee has flagged up an important issue and now action is needed to make the route safe."

Councillor Tim Ward, Chair of North Area Committee, commented:

North Area Committee Chair, Tim Ward

North Area Committe Chair, Councillor Tim Ward

"Area committees are a useful link between the Councils and local residents. North Area Committee has been successful in listening to the residents and making sure that action is taken. The cycle-way on King's Hedges Road is clearly unsafe and we are working with the County Councillor to make it safe."

A senior County Council officer will now attend the next meeting of North Area Committee on Thursday 1st February at 7.30pm at Manor Community College, Arbury Road.