City sets tough standards for developers

January 6, 2007 9:00 AM

Cambridge City Council has released detailed new guidance to ensure the sustainability of the new developments on the Southern Fringe.

The Sustainable Design and Construction Supplementary Planning Document, which is being released for public consultation, spells out how new developments must reduce their carbon footprint and create strong and sustainable communities. Any potential developer must give details of how it will meet the high standards demanded in the Local Plan.

Councillor Sian Reid, Executive City Councillor for Planning and Development, commented:

"Over the next ten years, 10000 new homes will be coming to Cambridge. It is absolutely essential that all new development is carefully planned to reduce its environmental impact and to ensure that strong and vibrant communities are created in the new developments and are maintained in the rest of the city. Our Local Plan spells out how we will do this.

"This latest document provides the detail needed to enforce the standards in the local plan such as requiring 10% renewable energy on all qualifying sites and designing developments to encourage greatest use of public transport and cycling rather than the car.

Councillor Sian Reid

Councillor Sian Reid

"We will be demanding to see evidence from the developers as to how they will fulfil the requirements of the Local Plan and how they will support public transport and improve energy efficiency."

The Sustainable Design and Construction Supplementary Planning Document will be discussed at Environment Scrutiny on Tuesday 9 January at 10am at the Guildhall.

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