Council announces affordable housing plans

January 17, 2007 9:00 AM
Councillor Rod Cantrill

Councillor Rod Cantrill

Cambridge City Council has today announced plans to improve the provision of affordable housing all across the city.

The City Council is already demanding 40% affordable housing on all new developments built in Cambridge and proposes to build 50% affordable housing on its own land in the Clay Farm development on the Southern Fringe. This latest announcement involves converting smaller parcels of underused land in the city to affordable housing through a registered social landlord.

Councillor Rod Cantrill, Executive City Councillor for Customer Services and Resources, commented:

"The disposal of these sites for affordable housing is an illustration of the Council's commitment to increase the level of affordable housing in Cambridge. The sales form part of a broader strategy of identifying parcels of land within the Council's property portfolio that is suitable to be used for affordable housing"

Councillor Catherine Smart, Executive City Councillor for Housing, added:

"Increasing the provision of affordable housing in Cambridge is one of the key tasks of the City Council. Using these small pieces of land will produce another 7 social housing units. This is a very small number compared to how many are needed but alongside our policy of demanding 40% affordable housing in all new developments it will help improve the availability of affordable housing in the City."

The plans follow a Housing Land Audit carried out by the City Council to look at the potential for new housing around the City.

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