Local energy key to carbon reduction

January 31, 2007 12:00 PM

David Howarth, Lib Dem Energy Spokesperson, has today welcomed a Select Committee report calling for greater Government support for microgeneration.

The report, by the Trade and Industry Select Committee, describes the major contribution that microgeneration or local energy can make to meeting Britain's energy needs and demands that the Government acts to encourage its development and uptake.

Mr. Howarth commented:

David Howarth MP

David Howarth MP

"I welcome the Select Committee's report. Locally generated energy can play an important part in reducing our carbon emissions. The Government must encourage and support the local energy market. It needs to ensure that all electricity suppliers are required to pay a fair price to consumers exporting electricity back to the grid. We also need to remove the regulatory barriers which are currently holding back the development of some community energy production. Decentralised electricity production is key to reducing our carbon footprint."

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