MP applauds city's carbon champs

February 22, 2007 9:33 AM

David Howarth, MP for Cambridge , has presented awards to local Carbon Champions.

Mr. Howarth presented awards to residents of The Square in Cambridge (Eachard Road , Hoadley Road, Woodlark Road and Sherlock Road ) who came up with the best practical proposals to reduce carbon emissions in their households. The awards were organised by the Square Energy Project, a group set up by residents of the Square with support from a Cambridge City Council Sustainable City grant of £3000.

Mr. Howarth commented:

"Tackling climate change and reducing our carbon emissions is far too important to be left to someone else. We all have a major role to play. The Square Energy Project realises this crucial fact and shows what small groups of people can achieve. It is an innovative and very impressive project that we all have a lot to learn from.

"But we mustn't forget the role that Government has to play in reducing our carbon emissions. The Government should be leading the way by improving public transport, transforming building regulations to increase energy efficiency and supporting the development of renewable energy."

Simon Smith, a member of the Square Energy Forum, added:

David Howarth with Square Energy Award Winners

David with the Carbon Champs

"Through the Square Energy Project, residents have found that their 156 homes emit almost 1,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide every year. If we have any hope of preventing climate change, scientific reports are telling us that householders everywhere will need to make drastic reductions in these emissions. Whilst some residents are acting the fact is that most are waiting for a strong lead from Government, a lead which is currently limited to little more than raising awareness."

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