Research councils must not be run by DTI - Howarth

February 22, 2007 9:34 AM

The Department of Trade and Industry is clawing back £68 million of research council funding in order to pay off deficits elsewhere in the department. The Government alleges that this money is under-spent by the research councils.

Commenting, Liberal Democrat Trade and Industry Spokesperson, David Howarth MP said:

"This is a massive cut to important research.

"Today's news proves just why our research councils should not be run by the DTI.

"Liberal Democrats would put research councils back where they belong in the Department of Education.

"Part of the problem appears to be that the Government has changed the system for the calculation of grants by research councils. This has inevitably delayed some payments.

David Howarth looking into a microscope

David visits research labs at the University of Cambridge

"It is wrong to punish universities by removing real money from their bottom lines to pay for overspending on entirely unrelated Government activities."

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