Why the wait on danger lamp?

February 23, 2007 5:00 PM

Lib Dem County Councillor for Market ward, Gaynor Griffiths, has demanded answers from the County Council as to why a live three foot high lamp column stump was left in a potentially dangerous condition outside a primary school for so long.

Coun Griffiths asked Cabinet member Coun John Reynolds about the damaged lamp-post outside Park Street Primary School in Cambridge during a Full Meeting of Cambridgeshire County Council this week.

Coun Griffiths commented:

"For over a year, what was left of this lamp post has been awaiting removal from outside Park Street School. It was labelled 'electric shock risk' though engineers had repeatedly maintained that it was safe enough to be left unattended outside a primary school'.

Councillor Gaynor Griffiths

Councillor Gaynor Griffiths

"At a recent West Central Area Committee meeting, local residents who were understandably very concerned about this asked a County Council representative why the lamp had not been replaced long ago. To date there has been no explanation."

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