City passes green budget

February 24, 2007 5:00 PM

Cambridge City Council has voted to make tackling climate change a priority.

In the Full Meeting of the City Council on Thursday, Liberal Democrat councillors voted for a budget which would put resources behind the City Council's commitments under the Nottingham Declaration on Climate Change.

Coun Ian Nimmo-Smith, Leader of the City Council, commented:

"Combating climate change is one of the City Council's key priorities. Half of council vehicles run on lower carbon Liquefied Petroleum Gas and we're planning trials of an electric vehicle and one partly run by hydrogen derived from landfill gases. We have already reduced energy use in council buildings, saving over 160 tonnes of CO2 per year.

"We need to reduce the carbon emissions of the entire city, not just the City Council. Our Local Plan requires any development larger than 10 dwellings to provide at least 10% of their energy on site from renewable energy sources.

"But we can and we must do more.

"This budget puts our money where our mouth is. Climate change must be a central priority and so we are committing time and resources to reduce Cambridge's contribution to climate change.

Ian Nimmo-Smith

Councillor Ian Nimmo-Smith

"The climate change officer will be taking a thorough look where and how much carbon is emitted in the city and will be taking steps to reduce it. We plan to work with organisations such as the universities and Addenbrooke's Hospital to help them reduce their carbon emissions. We will be considering how best to help individuals reduce their personal carbon emissions and we will be continually striving to set high standards in terms of reducing the Council's carbon emissions."

As part of the City Council's commitments reduce Cambridge's carbon footprint, the Council last night agreed to fund a Climate Change officer within the council to lead on the development and implementation of the Council's climate change strategy.

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