Unknown costs of blood service move

March 8, 2007 9:00 AM

Government Health Minister, Caroline Flint, has admitted that workforce planning was not carried out before blood service staff at Addenbrooke's Hospital were told that their jobs were to be moved to Bristol.

Mr. Howarth commented:

"The Government is admitting that the National Blood Service failed to plan properly for consequences of these job losses.

"How can the Blood Service claim to be saving money when they have made no assessment of the costs of replacing and retraining new staff to replace the highly qualified specialists at Addenbrooke's who are losing their jobs?"

David Howarth with protesters

David Howarth joins protestors at Addenbrooke's Hospital

Mr. Howarth had questioned the Department of Health about the proposed reconfiguration of the National Blood Service following a rally against the lab closure at Addenbrooke's Hospital last month. The jobs will be moved to Bristol, Liverpool and North London as part of a reconfiguration of the National Blood Service in order to reduce costs. Given the distances involved many staff are unlikely to be able to move with the jobs and will be made redundant.

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