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Julian Huppert MP

Lib Dems welcome Sunday buses

March 11, 2007 9:00 AM

Lib Dem councillors have today welcomed news that Stagecoach will be offering more Sunday bus services.

From 8 April, there will be hourly services on Citi 2, Citi 5/6 and Citi 7 routes. However, while the Citi 7 bus service between Cambridge and Whittlesford will run hourly on Sundays, the existing two hourly 132 bus service is to be withdrawn.

Trumpington councillor Andy Blackhurst commented on the changes:

"I'm very pleased that Stagecoach has accepted that Sunday services can be viable.

"I regret that Trumpington Road is losing the 132 service. Clearly, this makes it all the more necessary that the Sunday Park and Ride buses continue to service intermediate stops, which would otherwise be left with no service.

"It is very good, however, that Trumpington village will have a more frequent Sunday service, and one which will serve Addenbrooke's and the railway station as well.

Andrew Blackhurst

Councillor Andy Blackhurst

"I hope that residents will make full use of the service, and help strengthen the case for it to continue later into the evenings as well."