Brown budget robs the poor

March 21, 2007 5:09 PM

David Howarth, MP for Cambridge, has today condemned the Chancellor for raising taxes on the lowest earners.

In today's budget, Chancellor of the Exchequer Gordon Brown abolished the 10p rate of income tax so that those on the lowest incomes will now be subject to the Basic Rate income tax.

Mr. Howarth commented:

"This is a disgrace; Gordon Brown is raising taxes on the poor to pay for newspaper headlines. Anyone earning less than £15,000 per year will be worse off.

"This is an astonishing attempt by the Chancellor to improve his opinion poll ratings at the expense of low earners.

David Howarth MP

David Howarth MP

"We would have cut the basic rate of income tax by 2p to 20p but we would fund it by taxing actions that contribute to climate change, not raising taxes on the lowest paid. The Liberal Democrats would take everyone who earns the minimum wage out of the income tax system altogether."

An individual earning £10,000 per year would be £160 a year worse off under Gordon Brown's changes.

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