Parking review delays 'disgraceful'

March 28, 2007 1:00 PM

A Lib Dem City Councillor has criticised the County Council for ignoring Cambridge's parking difficulties.

Councillor Alan Baker, who represents Queen Edith's, has been campaigning for residents' parking schemes in Queen Edith's but since early 2006 has been told that all decisions on parking in Cambridge must wait until the end of a review of parking policy. Last month Coun Baker wrote to Coun John Reynolds, Cabinet member for transport, asking when the review was likely to be finished. 6 week later Coun Baker is still waiting for a reply.

Coun Baker commented:

"I have been waiting 6 weeks for Councillor Reynolds to answer my question about the Parking Review but residents in Cambridge have been waiting far longer for an answer on their parking schemes. How long does he intend on keeping people waiting?

Councillor Alan Baker

Councillor Alan Baker

"It is disgraceful that the County Council is taking so long to review its parking policy, disgraceful that it has suspended indefinitely consideration of all new proposals for parking restrictions and it is disgraceful that John Reynolds, a County Councillors, fails to answer questions put to him by a City Councillor."

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