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County stalls on highways

March 29, 2007 1:00 PM

Cambridgeshire County Council is still failing to keep promises to residents across the County.

In the autumn last year, the County Council froze mid-year the budget for discretionary highways projects. Projects all around Cambridgeshire including new disabled parking bays and parking regulations were put on hold until the County Council sorted out its finances. Six months later Liberal Democrats are wondering when the schemes will be completed.

Councillor Julian Huppert, Leader of the Liberal Democrat group, commented:

Julian Huppert

Councillor Julian Huppert

"Residents have been waiting a long time for these traffic schemes, some were promised them over a year ago. This isn't good enough. For months now I have been asking John Reynolds for an answer as to when these very simply schemes will be carried out. I am asking him again,when will residents see their new disabled parking bays and their new yellow lines?"

Councillor Alice Douglas, representing Romsey, asked Coun Reynolds when the County intended on keeping its promises to Romsey residents.

Coun Douglas commented:

"Residents in Romsey are wondering when they are going to get their long-promised traffic schemes. The crossing on Vinery Road has been waiting for a start date for some time and residents of Great Eastern Street were promised changes to their parking restrictions last summer.

"Councillor Reynolds is now assuring us that the work will be done this year. How do we know that the County Council will keep its promises this time?"