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Council should listen to residents on Park and Ride

May 16, 2007 2:43 PM

East Chesterton resident Eunice Chiavetta has demanded that the Park and Ride service to the Golden Hind is restored.

Ms Chiavetta presented a 140 name petition to Councillor Mac McGuire, Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport, at Shire Hall yesterday. She was joined by local Lib Dem councillors Julian Huppert and Clare Blair and County Councillor for Milton, Michael Williamson.

County Councillor Julian Huppert questioned Councillor McGuire about the service during the Full Council meeting. He commented:

"The Park and Ride service outside the Golden Hind is well-used and many people in East Chesterton, Kings Hedges and Milton are very disappointed to lose it. The Cabinet needs to listen to the local residents and reconsider their decision."

City Councillor for East Chesterton, Clare Blair, added:

"Many people, including the elderly, use this service to travel to appointments at Addenbrookes Hospital as well as students at Hills Road and Long Road Sixth Form Colleges. Alternative services will add significantly to their journey time."

Cllr Michael Williams, Cllr Julian Huppert, Cllr Clare Blair, Eunice Chiavetta with Cllr McGuire

Cllrs Michael Williamson, Julian Huppert and Clare Blair join Eunice Chiavetta to present the petition to Cllr McGuire

Councillor McGuire refused to reinstate the Park and Ride stop but did agree to respond formally to the petition.