'Contraction and Convergence' debate hits council

May 18, 2007 10:31 AM

Cambridge City Council will next week debate proposals to produce a fair international framework to reduce global carbon emissions.

Lib Dem City Councillor Neale Upstone has submitted a Motion to the Council which calls on the Government to support a framework of 'contraction and convergence'. This principle seeks to reduce carbon emissions globally to 450 parts per million while ending the situation where 15% of the world's population emit 50% of the world's CO2 each year. Under this framework, over time, emissions will have to converge to an equal per head amount each year.

Councillor Upstone commented:

"We must reverse the growth in global emissions.

"The fairest way to do this is to allocate emissions rights to countries on a per head basis. At the moment the average UK citizen releases the same amount of carbon dioxide in three days as an Ethiopian does in one year yet it is those in the poorest countries which are already suffering the most from the devastating effects of climate change.

"The Government is currently debating a Climate Change Bill but, as it is, the Bill doesn't show the leadership necessary to establish an international framework. The Government must take this opportunity to set up a fair and effective system to reduce carbon emissions and tackle climate change."

Councillor Neale Upstone

Councillor Neale Upstone

The Motion will be debated at the Annual Meeting of Cambridge City Council next Thursday.

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