Car Club comes to Environment Day

June 2, 2007 12:00 PM

Streetcar, who are working with Cambridge City Council and Cambridgeshire County Council to bring a car club to Cambridge, will be on hand with a demonstration vehicle at the World Environment Day celebrations on Christ's Pieces on Tuesday.

Councillor Catherine Smart

Councillor Catherine Smart

City Councillor for Romsey, Catherine Smart, who has been fighting for a car club in Romsey for many years, commented:

"There is a lot of enthusiasm for a car club in Romsey and so I am very excited that, with Streetcar, we will be launching Cambridge's first car club later this year.

"Car sharing will bring major benefits to the terrace streets of Romsey and Petersfield where car parking space is already at a premium. It will allow people to give up their car or their second car but still be able to drive when needed, freeing up much needed parking spaces in the area.

"For those who don't drive everyday using a car club is much cheaper than buying and running your own car. Come along to the Environment Festival or look at the Streetcar website to find out more."

Executive Councillor for Climate Change and Growth, Sian Reid, added:

"Car sharing schemes like this one can significantly reduce the number of journeys made by car and so help cut Cambridge's carbon emissions. Reducing car use and making more use of public transport, cycling and walking is crucial if we are to reduce our carbon footprint."

More information on Streetcar can be found at

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