MPs join forces against ID cards

June 4, 2007 3:59 PM

Three MPs from across the political spectrum will join forces to speak out against Government ID card plans at a public meeting in Cambridge on Friday 8th June. David Howarth MP, James Paice MP and Ian Gibson MP will share a platform with Phil Booth from national anti-ID card campaign NO2ID.

Under Government plans everyone needing a new passport after 2009 would also be forced to pay for an identity card. Cambridge passport applicants would have to travel to Peterborough or Bury st Edmunds for fingerprinting, and to surrender 50 pieces of personal information to be stored on a Government database. Security experts and senior police officers agree this computer database would be a target for hackers and criminals, causing increased identity fraud and putting vulnerable groups at risk.

David Howarth said:

"The Home Office plan to coordinate all Government-held information about each of us via a 'National Identity Register' is an unprecedented threat to personal privacy. State surveillance on this scale is the hallmark of totalitarian regimes."

Phil Booth, National Coordinator of NO2ID, said:

David Howarth with speakers and NO2ID banner

David Howarth speaking out against ID cards

"Opposition to this wasteful and dangerous ID card scheme unites millions of people from across the political spectrum. The government has never given a convincing explanation of what ID cards would actually be for, and the Government's own figures show that a third of the population will refuse to cooperate with the scheme. Gordon Brown should cancel the ID cards plan before they become his Government's poll tax."

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