Government U-turns on Highway Code

June 5, 2007 12:00 PM

David Howarth, MP for Cambridge, is today celebrating success as the Government agrees to withdraw controversial amendments to the Highway Code.

Mr Howarth joined the Cambridge Cycling Campaign and the national CTC (Cyclists' Touring Club) in their fight against proposals to force cyclists to use cycle facilities regardless of whether they are safe. The Government has now announced that it will change the most controversial proposals to take into account cyclists' concerns.

Mr Howarth commented:

"I welcome the Government's U-turn on forcing cyclists to use sometimes unsafe cycle facilities. I'm very pleased that they have listened to the concerns of cyclists.

"However I hope that the Government will now go the whole way and scrap proposals to force cyclists to stay in the left-hand lane on roundabouts even when turning right. It is suspected that this has led to several cycling accidents here in Cambridge and I'm very concerned that the proposal will making cycling more dangerous."

It is understood that discussions were also held between the CTC and Department for Transport officials.

Martin Lucas-Smith from Cambridge Cycling Campaign said:

"David Howarth's support in helping safeguard the rights of cyclists to use the roads is much appreciated. Cyclists across the country have campaigned in all sorts of ways to force the Department for Transport to listen. David Howarth's 'prayer' to Parliament and petition were an important part of these efforts."

Councillors and MP with bikes

Cycling campaigners celebrate victory

David Howarth presented a 1190 name petition, assembled with the help of the Cambridge Cycling Campaign, to Parliament to protest against the Government's proposals last month. Following representations by the Cambridge Cycling Campaign and David Howarth, Leader of the Liberal Democrat Sir Menzies Campbell issued a formal 'prayer' against the automatic adoption without debate by Parliament of the new Highway Code.

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