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Councillors embark on zero-waste challenge

June 8, 2007 1:19 PM

6 Cambridge City councillors have embarked upon a zero-waste challenge. This month they are attempting to reduce the amount of waste going into their black bin, and into landfill, to zero.

The city as a whole has already reduced the amount of waste going to landfill from 92% to 60% of the total, but Cambridgeshire is going to run out of space to bury waste in the next few years. We need to take recycling and waste reduction to the next level.

By volunteering to take part in the Zero-waste Challenge councillors are hoping to see just what needs to change in our purchasing habits, and where the difficulties are in reducing non-recyclable waste. They hope that identification of difficulties will help focus efforts such as local MP David Howarth's campaign aimed at reducing food packaging. They are putting themselves and their families on the front line to demonstrate by example that the nationally controversial alternate fortnightly bin collection scheme is workable.

Councillors taking part are (in no particular order):

Marian Holness, East Chesterton, Lib Dem

Neale Upstone, Kings Hedges, Lib Dem

Phillipa Slatter, Trumpington, Lib Dem

Sheila Stuart, Trumpington, Lib Dem

Diane Armstrong, West Chesterton, Lib Dem

Amanda Taylor, Queen Edith's, Lib Dem

Councillor Marian Holness commented:

Councillors with their recycling bins outside the Guidhall

The zero waste challenge begins

"Cambridgeshire is rapidly running out of landfill space - our current waste disposal habits are unsustainable and have to change. I hope that taking part in the zero-waste challenge will help us focus on exactly what can be done and what needs to change in order to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill."

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