Back local communities - Howarth

June 15, 2007 8:00 AM

Ahead of today's vote on the Sustainable Communities Bill, Cambridge MP David Howarth, has urged MPs to back the bill to empower local people to have more say in how their community is run.

David Howarth commented:

"Too many of the decisions that affect people in Cambridge are dictated by central government and Whitehall. The Government has already turned down Cambridge's attempts to set higher environmental standards in the city's new developments and watered down the required amount affordable housing from 50% to 40%. These are decisions that should be taken here in Cambridge..

"We need to devolve more power down to local people and local communities. This Bill would do that and I hope that MPs will give the Bill their full support in Parliament."

David Howarth at the Newmarket Road Post Office

Post offices are often the centre of a community

The Sustainable Communities Bill is a private members bill that will give local authorities the powers, and resources, that they need to make their communities more sustainable. These strategies will be drawn up by both local people and local authorities to address the specific difficulties in their area.

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