MP backs local market

June 30, 2007 11:00 AM

As part of National Markets Week, David Howarth, MP for Cambridge, has visited stall-holders in Cambridge.

David spoke to stallholders who are trying to keep excess packaging to a minimum. Mr Howarth has been campaigning in Parliament for supermarkets to be forced to dispose of their own excess packaging and was interested in how market stall-holders reduce their waste packaging.

David commented:

"We all need to reduce the amount of rubbish that we throw away and reducing packaging is a major part of that. Some shops and market stalls are already making major efforts to reduce wasteful packaging, to use paper instead of plastic. Buying local produce from local shops and markets cuts down on the food miles and also cuts down on the packaging needed to protect the food during the journey from the field to the store."

David was joined by Councillor Marian Holness, Lib Dem City Councillor for East Chesterton. Coun Holness is a member of councillors who are attempting to reduce their household waste to zero during June.

Councillor Holness added:

"Taking part in the Zero Waste Challenge has been a real eye-opener for me. Our lives now revolve around spending lots of time at work and relying on a quick supermarket dash for food in the evenings. Buying ready-meals and food that has been moved all round the country means that we have dustbins full of packaging. If we are allowed to slow down and shop for locally produced food, with time for proper cooking, we can improve the quality of our lives as well as really cutting down on landfill waste.

"Now I have seen what it is like to pop to the market in my lunch hour to buy a few

David and Marion outside a market stall

David and Marion buying fresh produce from Cambridge market

things for the evening meal I don't think I'll be going back to my old ways. It gives a real sense of community to have a chat with the stall-holder and to know that I am getting fresh local produce. We are really very lucky in Cambridge to have the market."

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