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MP quizzes new PM

July 4, 2007 12:05 PM

Cambridge MP and new Shadow Solicitor General, David Howarth, has quizzed the Prime Minister on reform of the electoral system.

Mr Howarth's questioned Gordon Brown during a debate on Constitutional Reform yesterday. He commented:

"This government has been blowing hot and cold on electoral reform since 1997. Ten years later we still do not have an elected House of Lords nor do we have proportional representation in English Parliamentary elections. I hope that the latest announcements really will lead to strengthening our democracy, lowering the voting age to 16 and a more proportional voting system.

"Governments in this country are usually elected, and supported, by a minority of voters. Surely this undermines the legitimacy of all of our Governments?"

David Howarth MP in the House of Commons

David Howarth MP

During the debate yesterday Gordon Brown discussed the possibility of lowering the voting age, something the Liberal Democrats have been campaigning for, for many years, and promised a statement on House of Lords' reform before Parliament breaks up for the summer.