Local Lib Dems back nurses' pay protest

July 17, 2007 12:00 PM

Cambridgeshire Liberal Democrats are backing nurses in their campaign against Gordon Brown phasing their pay award for this year.

The 2007-08 pay award was divided into one payment in the spring and one in the autumn, reducing the overall award to less than 2%.

Councillor Geoff Heathcock, Lib Dem Health Spokesperson on Cambridgeshire County Council, commented:

"A 2% pay award is neither fair nor just to a group of staff who are pivotal to the delivery of a modern and patient-focused NHS.

"These staff are already under immense pressure on the frontline due to endless modernisation, structural change and national targets - yet Gordon Brown wants to make matters worse with a miserable phasing of an even more miserable pay award. Many of these key staff are already facing severe financial problems and must be treated properly.

Lib Dem MP for Cambridge, David Howarth, has responded angrily to the way nurses are being treated and added:

"By phasing this year's pay award Gordon Brown has given nurses an effective pay cut. This is no way to treat hard-working staff at the front-line of our health service.

David Howarth MP with Cllr Geoff Heathcock outside Addenbrooke's Hospital

David Howarth with Geoff Heathcock outside Addenbrooke's Hospital

"We will do all we can to bring pressure on the Government to change their attitude to nurses' pay."

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