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Long awaited parking review returns to city

July 18, 2007 3:00 PM

Lib Dems in Cambridge has responded to the County Council's parking policy review.

A detailed amendment to the review was passed nem con at the city's Traffic Management Area Joint Committee yesterday which called for many changes including:

- resident's parking schemes to be determined by local people and local councillors

- reduced on-street parking fees for low emission vehicles (and higher charges for gas guzzlers)

- flexible parking controls to meet local needs

Lib Dem councillors also spoke out against proposals to use residents' parking charges to generate surplus income to spend in other areas.

Vice Chair of the Committee, City Councillor Alan Baker, commented:

"We've been waiting far too long for this parking policy review and in the meantime new residents parking schemes have been put on hold. I'm very relieved that at last we have a chance to see the new parking policy and a chance to try to shape it. However the policy needs to achieve a better balance between the needs of residents and commuters and one which takes more account of environmental issues.

"We were very pleased to see that local parking schemes will remain the decision of local people but it is also important that the criteria, and methods of the schemes, must also reflect local needs rather than county-wide requirements. The County Council's own parking considerations are far too narrow. We should also be considering the environment impact of parking, such as air quality, as well as how the character and amenity of the local area will be affected.

"I'm very worried about suggestions to raise parking charges in Cambridge in order to spend on schemes which won't benefit Cambridge residents and we are opposing any plans to charge Cambridge residents huge sums to pay for traffic schemes in other parts of the county."

Councillor Alan Baker

Cllr Alan Baker

The County Council's proposals will now go out for consultation to be reconsidered by the AJC in January.