Slowest crossing in Cambridge?

July 25, 2007 10:00 AM

Could Brooklands Avenue have the slowest pedestrian crossing in Cambridge? Local residents are still waiting for their crossing to be completed two years after work began.

Lib Dem County Councillor for Trumpington, Anne Kent, has been working with the county traffic engineers to try and get the contractors to finish the work. She commented:

"The developers of the Brooklands Avenue site were told, as part of the planning conditions, that they would need to provide a pedestrian crossing before the first residents moved in. Nearly two years after the first house was occupied, and despite regular chasing by the County engineers, the crossing is still not switched on.

"Brooklands Avenue is part of the ring road and has a lot of traffic. Residents have to cross to the bus stop and to reach the local schools.

"The progress of the crossing work has been incredibly slow. Each time the contractors are chased, they do a little more but never enough. They were asked to make the final safety changes months ago.

"I will be continuing to push the contractors to complete this important crossing and to see that lessons are learnt, planning decisions need to be enforced and perhaps the county council will have to collect the money and do the work themselves."

Councillor Anne Kent with the Brooklands Avenue crossing

Cllr Kent with the Brooklands Avenue crossing

Work began on the crossing nearly two years ago when dropped kerbs were installed. The crossing itself was built just after Christmas and the surfacing was carried out at Easter. However work is still not completed and the crossing is not yet in use.

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