Cambridge recycling bucks the trend

August 3, 2007 9:00 AM

Executive City Councillor for Environmental and Waste Services, Colin Rosenstiel, has reminded Cambridge residents that food waste in the city can be collected from either the green compost bin or the black waste bin.

Councillor Rosenstiel's comments follow guidance from the Waste and Resources Action programme recommending that councils collect food waste and use it for composting or to produce energy.

Councillor Rosenstiel said:

"Here in Cambridge, unlike in many other recycling schemes, residents can dispose of all food waste including meat, bones and cooked food in their green compositing bin.

Cllr Colin Rosenstiel

Cllr Colin Rosenstiel

"Householders also have the option to dispose of food in their black waste bin so that food waste can be collected every week. If anyone is still concerned about the smell of food waste or about unwelcome attention from flies, they should wrap waste food in newspaper before placing it in the green bin."

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