Lib Dem plan for Oxford to Cambridge railway

August 3, 2007 5:49 PM

The Liberal Democrats have announced proposals that would re-open the Oxford to Cambridge railway and invest in rail services across the country.

Local MP David Howarth has backed the plan which would introduce tolls on road freight and an extra £10 tax per ticket on internal flights in order to invest in high speed rail links between UK cities, cutting passenger fares and reopening lines including the one between Oxford and Cambridge. He commented:

"Rail fares are the highest in Europe and under Government proposals will rise further. At the same time the cost of motoring has fallen steadily.

"These proposals would provide the investment needed to produce a high class public transport system to encourage people and freight off the roads and on to railway while cutting the costs of rail fares.

David at Cambridge Station

David Howarth MP at Cambridge Station

"Here in Cambridge we would finally see the railway line to Oxford re-opened and the rail freight link to the ports of Felixstowe and Harwich improved so that we can get more lorries off the dangerous and congested A14 and on to rail."

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