City residents suffer as County cuts buses

August 22, 2007 12:00 PM

Lib Dems in Cambridge have condemned plans to cut bus services on Milton Road and Northampton Street.

From 2 September Cambridgeshire County Council will be cutting Park and Ride stops at Arbury Crossroads leaving Milton Road residents without a bus service to Addenbrooke's Hospital.

Councillor Kevin Wilkins, Lib Dem County Councillor for West Chesterton, has been campaigning against the cuts. He said:

"The County Council has not provided an adequate alternative service for Milton Road residents. A bus every 20 minutes to Cambourne cannot replace a direct bus every ten minutes to Addenbrooke's Hospital. When will the County Council learn that bus services are only useful when they go to where travellers want to go?

"Yet again city residents are suffering as the County Council cuts bus services in Cambridge in order to provide slight improvements to commuters. If stopping to take passengers to the hospital is slowing down the Park and Ride, the County Council should introduce on-street ticketing so that collecting passengers does not mean slower journeys."

Leader of the Liberal Democrat group on Cambridgeshire County Council, David Jenkins, added:

"Bus services are being cut all over Cambridge; Park and Ride stops are being removed from Conduit Head Road and Northampton Street leaving elderly residents with long waits for a bus into the city. The County Council has no reason to call these improvements; these are cuts plain and simple.

Councillor Kevin Wilkins

Councillor Kevin Wilkins

"These decisions have been made in secret by a committee with no democratic input. The public deserves to know how important decisions about public services are made."

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