Iraq decision 'appalling'

August 28, 2007 4:42 PM

Cambridge MP, David Howarth, has said that he is "appalled" at news that the Prime Minister has refused to set a timetable to withdraw from Iraq.

In a letter to Liberal Democrat leader Sir Menzies Campbell, the Prime Minister refused to set a timetable to exit the conflict. Mr Brown's letter followed criticism from Bush adviser Frederick Kagan that British withdrawal from Iraq could damage the 'special relationship' with the US.

Local Lib Dem MP, David Howarth, commented:

"I am appalled. Gordon Brown has caved in to George Bush and any early hopes of a different foreign policy have been comprehensively dashed.

David Howarth MP in the House of Commons

David Howarth MP

"Brown's position is no different from Tony Blair's, not surprising given that Gordon Brown was the man who signed the cheques for the war."

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