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County fails on road safety measures

September 4, 2007 9:46 AM

The Conservative-run County Council has failed to fully implement two approved road safety measures in Queen Edith's, Cambridge.

Back in July 2006, South Area Committee agreed to fund a £1000 mobility crossing on Nightingale Avenue. The County Council agreed that yellow line waiting restrictions would be needed to make the crossing clearly visible to drivers. More than one year later, the yellow lines have still not been provided.

This summer, after a prolonged campaign by Queen Edith's City Councillors, a new Zebra crossing was put up on Wulfstan Way but the important safety measures have not been implemented. The Safety Audit recommended that the bus stop would need to be moved outside of the controlled area of the crossing because at the moment buses are obscuring the crossing from overtaking drivers. The County Council has refused to carry out this work.

Alan Baker, Lib Dem City Councillor for Queen Edith's, commented:

"Both of these measures are needed on safety grounds but the County Council are saying that there are no funds for them.

"If these safety measures are not put in place and an accident happens, it seems to me that the County Council will risk serious liability."

County Councillor for Queen Edith's, Geoff Heathcock, added:

Alan Baker and Geoff Heathcock at the crossing

Alan Baker and Geoff Heathcock examine the Wulfstan Way Crossing

"Local councillors were not shown plans for the Wulfstan Way crossing and the County Council has admitted that this was a mistake. Not paying close attention to the safety audit is another mistake. These two wrongs must now be righted. The bus stop must be moved before someone gets injured or killed."