Support for disabled toilet campaign

September 12, 2007 11:00 AM

Cambridge MP, David Howarth, is backing a campaign for specially adapted 'Changing Places' public toilets in Cambridge.

Mr Howarth visited Pauline Burnett House to meet with service user Susanna Patterson and staff at the home to discuss the need for special disabled toilets in the city. He saw a demonstration of the special equipment needed.

Mr Howarth commented:

"At the moment there are no public toilets in Cambridgeshire with the required space and equipment for severely disabled residents like Susanna. The lack of facilities seriously limits her daily activities and means that spending a day in the city is nearly impossible."

The Cambridgeshire Parliament, part of advocacy organisation Speaking Up who run projects and services for disabled people, has been running a Changing Places campaign.

Kirsten Green, Project Leader for the Parliament said:

"The Parliament is campaigning for Changing Places toilets to be put in across the county so that people with high support needs have the same access to the community as everybody else.

"At present people are not able to go out for long periods of time or are subjected to dirty and undignified conditions due to the lack of appropriate facilities.

"This situation is simply not acceptable. We encourage everyone to contact their district councils to ask for these facilities to be put in as soon as possible"

David Howarth and Susanna Patterson

David Howarth and Susanna Patterson

For more information or to offer your support for the campaign contact them on 01223 566258.

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