Carbon impact of plans 'woefully unclear'

October 19, 2007 10:47 AM

Lib Dems in Cambridge have described the CO2 impact of the County Council's congestion charge plans as "woefully unclear".

The Liberal Democrats have been calling for major improvements in public transport, substantial discounts for city residents and that low carbon vehicles must pay less than gas guzzlers. However the latest information suggests that the County Council are not listening to these concerns.

Executive City Councillor for Growth, Environment and Climate Change, Sian Reid, commented:

"The impact of the proposals on carbon dioxide emissions is still woefully unclear. The County Council claims that their bid will meet Kyoto targets but the scheme won't even be in place in that timescale. The 16% fall in carbon emissions which appears to be feasible by 2021 is way below what the Climate Change Bill demands. Outside the city, carbon emissions by cars are only likely to fall by 1%.

"The County Council must use any scheme to reduce carbon dioxide further than this; there must be really persuasive discounts for users of low emission car, funded by higher charges for gas guzzlers.

"I'm very concerned about the public transport proposals the County Council put forward in their funding bid to Government. Some areas of Cambridge, including Newnham Croft, which I represent, will still be left without a bus service. This is unacceptable.

Councillor Sian Reid

Cllr Sian Reid

"The proposal still suggests that residents should pay the full congestion charge simply because the County Council has failed to model the effect of a discount for residents."

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