MP calls for an end to excess packaging

October 24, 2007 12:00 PM

Cambridge MP David Howarth has renewed calls for Parliament to pass a packaging bill following reports today showing that up to 40% of supermarket packaging cannot be recycled.

Mr Howarth co-sponsored the Retail Packaging Bill in Parliament earlier this year which would have passed responsibility for excess packaging on to supermarkets and other large retailers. Supermarkets would be obliged to provide facilities for customers to return excess packaging for the store to recycle and dispose of. At the moment packaging makes up 60% by volume of household waste.

Mr Howarth commented:

"Today's survey illustrates how difficult it is for consumers to recycle the packaging their shopping comes in. Many of the everyday items we buy are heavily packaged which costs us more at the checkout and we are left to dispose of the excess packaging at home.

David Howarth with packaging

David Howarth examines supermarket packaging

"The Retail Packaging Bill would have made disposing of this packaging the responsibility of large retailers which would encourage them and their suppliers to reduce the amount of packaging they use and make sure that more of it is recyclable."

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