Chris Huhne and Nick Clegg go head to head in Cambridge debate

November 19, 2007 2:34 PM
David Howarth MP

David Howarth MP

Wednesday 21st November 2007 from 7.30pm, at Churchill College, Cambridge.

Nick Clegg and Chris Huhne will be setting out their respective cases for becoming the next leader of the Liberal Democrats at a meeting in Cambridge on Wednesday 21st November.

The meeting, one of a series of so called "hustings" meetings being conducted by the leadership contenders across the country will be held in Churchill College at the Wolfson Theatre. Liberal Democrat members across the East of England are expected to attend.

David Howarth, MP for Cambridge is supporting Chris Huhne MP.

Councillor Kevin Wilkins said: "David came out early on in the leadership race as a supporter of Chris Huhne MP and he supports the radical agenda Chris has been proposing both in his manifesto and in the hustings debates.

"David is away this week in the US but he has been paying close attention to what both candidates have been saying. David supported Chris in the last leadership race and he is fully behind him in this one too.

"It is refreshing to see that the Party can field two such strong candidates in this contest either of whom will make an excellent future leader, but when push comes to shove David wants to see the Liberal Democrats putting forward an agenda that is truly radical and that is what Chris has done, on issues such as Trident, the environment, and Fixed Term Parliaments. There is a real difference between Chris's manifesto and Nick's and that means that if Chris Huhne MP becomes leader of the Liberal Democrats there will be a real difference between this party and the others."

The deadline for the return of postal ballot papers is December 15th. The new leader will be announced during the week commencing Sunday 16th December 2007.

Notes to editors:

1. Please note that members of the media wishing to attend the hustings will only be allowed access with press accreditation.

2. Media will only be allowed into the hustings for the 10-minute speeches by the candidates and will be asked to leave before the closed Q&A session for local party members. Contact: Lena Pietsch 07932 021 163.

3. Further hustings dates:


When: 11am, Saturday 24th November 2007

Where: Manchester Town Hall, M60 2LA

LONDON 27/11

When: 7pm, Tuesday 27th November 2007

Where: Friends Meeting House, Euston Road, NW1 2BJ


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