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February 7, 2008 10:54 AM

Cambridge MP David Howarth signed the Early Day Motion 736 on climate change on Tuesday.

Mr Howarth welcomed the introduction of the climate change Bill to Parliament. This Bill was described by the United Nations Development Programme as a "bold and innovative proposal to create a national carbon budget".

However, Mr Howarth believes the Bill still needs improving and needs to set more ambitious goals. He was the only representative of the Commons Lib Dem group on the joint pre-legislative scrutiny committee on the Bill. He then moved several amendments which were all voted down by Labour MPs and received no support from the Conservative side.

Mr Howarth demanded a carbon reduction of at least 80% by 2050 and asked for the inclusion of international aviation emissions and of all greenhouse gases in the Bill. The current Bill excludes international aviation emissions which dramatically contribute to the global temperature rise and sets a 60% target of carbon reduction.

"We need to go further to protect the environment", David Howarth said. "Although the Climate Change Bill is a good one, it still needs to be improved and must take stronger measures to lower carbon emissions.

"I am happy to hear the positive comments of the United Nations Development Programme on the Bill and I urge the Government to support any amendment addressing our concerns during the passage of the Bill through Parliament."


Notes to Editors

1. The United Nations Development Programme recently published a Human Development Report encouraging the Climate Change Bill and asking for tougher measures with regards to international aviation emissions.

2. David Howarth MP is the former Lib Dem Energy Spokesperson and a dedicated member of the Friends of the Earth group.

3. The Early Day Motion 736 was signed by 164 MPs, including 45 Lib Dem MPs.