April 3, 2008 12:00 AM

Lib Dem Councillors in Cambridgeshire are delighted Waterbeach was dropped from the eco-towns project but expressed much concern over the inclusion of Hanley Grange.

The government released this morning the shortlisted locations for the so-called eco-towns which include Hanley Grange in Cambridgeshire.

Executive Councillor for Climate Change and Growth, Sian Reid, commented:

"I'm delighted that Waterbeach wasn't included in the shortlist. We fought hard to protect the area and our dedication paid off.

"It is a real relief for all our wards near the A10, especially the Milton Road area. Putting more pressure on key radial routes into the city would have dramatically damage the quality of life in there areas.

"However, we need to keep on fighting so that the Government takes Hanley Grange off the shortlist and leaves Cambridgeshire ecotown-free. This programme is an overload on the area at a time when a substantial programme of growth is already underway."

Tim Stone, member of the Development Control Committee and Lib Dem County Councillor for Duxford, added:

"I'm very concerned that Hanley Grange is still in for consideration. Neither I nor the people of local villages want a dormitory town in the area.

"The Government is deliberately ignoring the fact that this project is too small to be credibly self-sustaining and balanced in relation to employment and jobs. This will increase car pollution because eco-towns won't be able to sustain viable public transport.

"It is sad to see the term 'eco' being used superficially and cynically by the government to dress up its programmes."


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