April 4, 2008 12:00 AM

Rail freight is a safe and environment-friendly alternative to lorries, said David Howarth MP for Cambridge.

In the aftermath of yet another fatal and tragic crash on the A14, Mr Howarth expressed concern over the high number of lorries on congested highways. He said that reducing the number of lorries by using freight trains would make the roads much safer.

"I'm extremely sad to see that the A14 made new casualties. We need to make our roads much safer now. If we decide to reduce the number of lorries on the highways by replacing them with trains, we will save many lives. Rail freight is an efficient and credible alternative to lorries."

Mr Howarth also expressed concern over the impact that lorries have on the environment.

"If we keep using massive amounts of bigger and bigger lorries, we will contribute to increasing carbon emissions. Freight trains are a much more environmental-friendly alternative and can dramatically reduce carbon emissions.

"This is why I want to see more trains and fewer lorries. Not only can this protect the environment but it can also protect the lives of drivers. Rail freight can help us keep both the planet and ourselves alive."


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