April 15, 2008 12:00 PM

Lib Dem City Councillors will move a motion resolving to brief MPs and parliamentary spokespersons for constituencies covering Cambridge on the current status of the Area Action Plans for urban growth sites on the fringes of the city, including Cambridge East.

Ian Nimmo-Smith, Leader of the City Council, made it clear that the Hanley Grange proposal would fail sustainable criteria for reasons including negative transport impacts and lack of local employment opportunities, unlike the Cambridge East proposal.

Cllr Nimmo-Smith commented:

"The so-called eco-town in Hanley Grange cannot be considered a substitute for any of the growth already planned and agreed for the sub-region. The Labour Party is doing its best to harm the Cambridge East plans and is ready to back whatever the Government will throw their way to block the project.

"This is a waste of time and energy. The Labour Party is trying to confuse the public by saying that the Cambridge East plans are reversible when they've already been agreed upon. I'm quite appalled to hear such bogus arguments in favour of a bad scheme like Hanley Grange."


Notes to Editors

1. Cllrs Nimmo-Smith and Reid will move the motion at the Full Council meeting on Thursday 24 April.

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