April 17, 2008 12:00 AM
Castle Team

Lib Dem team in Castle

Lib Dem Candidate for Castle, Valerie Holt, is already working around the clock for Castle residents, trying to improve her community.

Ms Holt is worried about the traffic situation in Castle and is committed to improve it. She is notably focusing on public transport and wants a dedicated Park and Ride site to alleviate traffic on Huntingdon Road.

Valerie Holt commented:

"Getting the transport sorted out first is crucial before taking big planning decisions. Castle residents are worried traffic and how it can have a bad impact on their day-to-day life.

"My priority is to focus on Huntingdon Road. I'm shocked that the Conservative Party is even considering a one-way system. This will only cause chaos in the surrounding streets. They need to understand that Castle residents will only suffer from this plan."

Ms Holt is enthusiastically supported by former Castle Councillors such as Cambridge MP David Howarth and Andrew Duff MEP.

David Howarth commented:

"Valerie will be an outstanding Councillor for Castle. She understands perfectly what Castle residents are concerned with and is committed to address these concerns. Her dedication is obvious and I know she'll constantly do her best to serve the people of Castle."

Andrew Duff MEP added:

"Valerie Holt is exceptionally well fitted to be a City Councillor. Cambridge needs progressive people in charge in the Guildhall. Castle needs people committed to our local community. We Lib Dems are lucky to have Valerie as our candidate."


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