April 18, 2008 12:00 AM

Cambridge Lib Dem Councillors have challenged Cambridge's Labour leaders to clarify their position on the 8,000 dwelling Hinxton new town proposed by the government.

In spite of a public outcry and massive discontent in councils throughout Cambridgeshire, a site at Hanley Grange has been short-listed as one of the 15 so-called eco-towns.

So far the only public statements by local Labour politicians have been from Daniel Zeichner, the party's Cambridge parliamentary candidate, who has described the proposal as "a boon".

County Councillor Nichola Harrison, Lib Dem spokesperson on growth issues commented:

"Labour councillors must come clean and tell us which side they stand on over this. Do they support the campaign by local people and organisations, or are they staying loyal to Gordon Brown? People have a right to know."

Executive Councillor for Growth Sian Reid added:

"Labour claims that Cambridge East plans are reversible are wrong. They are just trying to confuse the public. The plans were approved through a democratic process in the Local Plan of 2006.

"The eco-towns bid Labour is supporting would be incremental to Cambridge East. By supporting a ludicrous and unnecessary growth scheme, they are trying to undermine a democratically approved plan."


Notes to Editors

1. Cllr Nichola Harrison is available at 01223 461 636 or 07788 701 901.

2. Cllr Sian Reid is available at 07770 382 190.

3. Cllrs Nimmo-Smith and Reid will move a motion against eco-towns at the Full City Council meeting on Thursday 24 April.

4. A petition against Hanley Grange is on

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