April 20, 2008 12:00 AM

David Howarth MP, Cllrs Nimmo-Smith and Reid

Cambridge Lib Dems pledged to support a stronger climate change bill at the World Development Movement event on Saturday.

David Howarth MP, Cambridge City Council Leader Ian Nimmo-Smith and Executive Councillor for Climate Change Sian Reid signed the "I count" pledge launched by the World Development movement. The pledge calls for a carbon reduction of at least 80% by 2050 and the inclusion of international aviation and shipping emissions.

David Howarth MP commented:

"We need to go further to protect the environment. Although the Climate Change Bill is a good one, it still needs to be improved and must take stronger measures to lower carbon emissions.

"I'm happy to support the World Development Movement's action. While on the joint pre-legislative scrutiny committee on the Bill, I moved several amendments asking for a carbon reduction of at least 80% by 2050 and asked for the inclusion of international aviation emissions and of all greenhouse gases in the Bill.

"My amendments were voted down by Labour MPs and received no support from the Conservative side. I was shocked that neither Labour nor Conservative MPs would support such necessary measures."

Cllrs Nimmo-Smith and Reid also expressed their wholehearted support for a stronger Climate Change Bill.


Notes to Editors

1. Campaigners took action in Cambridge Market Square on Saturday 19 April at 11am. The groups demanded that the Climate Change Bill, being debated in Parliament now, be made stronger in three projects (80% as target reduction in CO2 emissions, emissions from aviation and shipping to be covered, other greenhouse gases to be covered besides CO2).

2. This was one of 150 events taking place around the country at this crucial time for the passage of the Climate Bill. Cambridge World Development Movement (WDM) are members of the Stop Climate Chaos Coalition.

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