April 21, 2008 12:00 AM

Cambridgeshire County Council Lib Dem group leader, David Jenkins, has called for action on overnight HGV parking.

The recent closure of lay-bys on the A14 and the closure of the truck stop at Alconbury have resulted in more and more lorry drivers looking to stay overnight in the County and very often parking in residential areas. Cllr Jenkins said that the government and councils do not realise that they must provide facilities for drivers to lay over when they impose limits on HGV driver time.

Councillor Jenkins commented:

"It's tough on the drivers, they have to park somewhere but when they park in residential areas they unfortunately become a nuisance. They come and go during night time and early morning, they run refrigeration units, they make a noise when they're reversing and they contribute to local light pollution. And of course there are no local bathroom facilities.

"I've asked both the County Council and South Cambs District Council and they seem disinclined to do anything even though there are grounds for action. What we need is for the different layers of government to recognise the problem and to work together and come up with a solution. The situation is not going to get better of its own accord."


Notes to Editors

1) Cllr Jenkins is available at 07739 758 859.

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