April 22, 2008 10:00 AM

ClosethedoorDavid Howarth MP has spoken enthusiastically about the Close the Door initiative.

More than a hundred retailers throughout Cambridge have agreed to keep their doors closed to cut energy waste. The campaign has spread in the whole country and many retailers are now willing to participate.

Mr Howarth commented:

"I thoroughly support the aims and objectives of the Close the Door campaign and their work to persuade retailers to keep their doors closed when using energy to heat or cool shops.

"We now live in a situation where energy waste is simply not acceptable. Climate change is no longer in question, and with major aid agencies and the UN predicting wide scale human suffering and food shortages from global warming, we have to pay urgent attention to avoiding energy waste.

"By closing doors while using energy, retailers will also reduce their bills. Many shops already do this. Concerns about enticing customers in should be met by means other than leaving the door open in all conditions. Close the Door is a simple idea that makes a very real difference.

"The Close the Door campaign started in Cambridge and is now rolling out to other cities. This is a good example of the many exciting new ideas of vision that come out of this region. Please follow me in supporting the campaign whether you use shops as a consumer, or work in the retail industry. It makes sense for all of us."


Notes to Editors

1. More information at

2. The Close the Door campaign originated in Cambridge (with initial funding from Cambridge City Council for local print materials) and is now being taken up nationally. It is a non-profit organisation, and all central campaign office work has been contributed on a voluntary basis.

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