May 21, 2008 12:00 AM

Cambridge MP David Howarth has enthusiastically welcomed a House of Commons move that will lead to better standards of energy efficiency in local developments.

The Planning and Energy Bill was passed in the House after the third reading. The bill will allow local councils to set energy efficiency rules stricter than those of national government.

This bill overturns a Labour government decision to forbid the use by local councils of the "Cambridge Rule", under which councils require developers to increase the energy efficiency of new homes from renewable or low-energy sources.

David Howarth MP commented:

"This is a fantastic step forward. This bill will make a big difference to making new housing greener.

"The 'Cambridge Rule' will allow our local Councils to set better targets to make Cambridge an even greener city. I'm strongly committed to providing Cambridge residents with eco-friendly measures and the Planning and Energy Bill will greatly improve housing in Cambridge."


Notes to Editors

1. Cambridge City Council was last year required to water down a planning policy requiring large developers to 'provide evidence of how they have minimized energy consumption, maximized energy efficiency and considered the feasibility of using CHP systems' as, to quote the government inspector, it was 'unreasonable to the extent that it imposes more onerous requirements than the Building Regulations'.

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