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Julian Huppert MP


May 22, 2008 12:00 AM

Cambridge MP David Howarth welcomed a commitment from Cambridge City Council to set up a restorative justice project in Cambridge.

In its annual statement of policy announced today, the Council promises to "draw on local expertise to help frame proposals to reduce reoffending by confronting offenders with the consequences of their behaviour."

Cambridge University's Criminology Department contains some of the world's leading experts on restorative justice, in which victims of crime confront offenders and explain to them consequences of the crime for their lives. Experiments have shown that the technique can be remarkably effective at cutting crime.

David Howarth MP commented:

"I'm delighted that Cambridge City Council is committed to promoting restorative justice. We need to develop the value of personal accountability in order to reduce re-offending.

"I hope that Cambridge City Council's decision will encourage other councils to make similar commitments. Local government is stepping in where central government should be leading."


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