Cambridge to London train service must improve - HOWARTH

August 7, 2008 11:28 AM

David Howarth MPDavid Howarth, the Liberal Democrat MP for Cambridge has been told improvements are on the way to the Cambridge to London Kings Cross train services. However, he says the promised improvements are not being brought in soon enough, and that it will still mean standing room only for some commuters on their return journey to Cambridge. David Howarth MP said:

"As a regular commuter on the Cambridge to London trains it is no surprise to me that we have some of the most overcrowded trains in the country. This is totally unacceptable. The quality of the service does not reflect Cambridge's growing economic importance.

"I have met with Elaine Holt, the Chief Executive of First Capital Connect to discuss what can be done. She did indicate that there will be improvements in May 09 on the morning services including putting four more coaches on the 7.15 am and 7.45 am service. These will increase from 8 to 12. This will be a welcome improvement but we should not have to wait another 9 months for things to get better.

"I was also told there will be improvements on the evening services with trains running more directly to their destinations, but there will be no additional new coaches as on the morning services.

"Coming back after my meeting with Elaine Holt on the 7.15 pm train many of us had to stand all the way to Letchworth. There is often standing room only on the 5.45 pm, 6.15 pm and 6.45 pm from London Kings Cross to Cambridge. If the services are more direct it might mean you can get on, but I think commuters will still have to stand. Commuters should rightly expect to get a seat, that's what they have paid for."

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