Post Office closures must be stopped - HOWARTH

August 7, 2008 1:21 PM

David Howarth MP protesting against post office closures

David Howarth, the Liberal Democrat MP for Cambridge will be attending the Post Office closure public consultation event at Cambridge Guildhall on Monday 11th August.

The public have until the 26th August 2008 to respond to the recommended closures of: 33 Regent Street, 2a Trumpington Street, and St John's Post Office, Hills Road.

On Monday the public are being invited to hear why these post offices have been selected for closure, what impact the closures are likely to have on the local communities, and how to put across your views to the Post Office before the end of the consultation.

The Consultation Event will take place at the Guildhall, Market Square on 11 August between 7pm and 9pm. Representatives of the Post Office and Postwatch East will also be attending. David Howarth MP will be part of a panel discussing the closures. He said:

"I would urge all those concerned about these post office closures to attend Monday's meetings. I am totally opposed to the closure of these three sub post offices in Cambridge.

"These post offices earmarked for closure serve mixed communities, both old and vulnerable people and students and staff of the University. It is totally unacceptable that the consultation period will end before students and university staff have time to comment and return to Cambridge.

"As Liberal Democrats we know these closures can be prevented and that there is a real alternative. We have put forward a plan to invest another £2 billion in the Post Office network nationally.

"Post Offices are important to the survival of local communities, and Cambridge has lost enough post offices already. I shall be calling on the Post Office on Monday to protect Cambridge's remaining Post Offices and to keep these three post offices open."

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