Post Office closure policy is wrong - HOWARTH

August 12, 2008 11:36 AM
David Howarth MP campaigning against post office closures

Post Office closure policy is wrong - HOWARTH

David Howarth, the Liberal Democrat MP for Cambridge told a public meeting last night that the government's policy of closing 2,500 post offices nationally was "wrong".

Mr Howarth was a member of a panel addressing the Post Office closure public consultation event at Cambridge Guildhall on Monday. He said:

"I urge the public to protest about the post office closure policy itself, not just those closing in Cambridge. My message is campaign to change the policy, this is a weak government which has already done a "U" turn on the 10 p rate of tax, and when the policy was put to the test in Parliament it only went through by 20 votes. We must stop these closures."

Mr Howarth also said he objected to the threat by the Post Office that if these particular post offices earmarked for closure didn't close than others in the City would have to take their place.

"All three of the post offices earmarked for closure in Cambridge are high volume post offices. There is no way you can explain the decision to close them on financial grounds.

"The government has contributed to the creation of the financial difficulties post offices find themselves in themselves by taking away from them the payment of benefits and pensions."

Mr Howarth was also highly critical of the consultation period taking place at a time when the student and academic community was on holiday. He said: "The consultation period is preposterous, those who want to comment are not here, the student community is away."

The public have until the 26th August 2008 to respond to the recommended closures of: 33 Regent Street, 2a Trumpington Street, and St John's Post Office, Hills Road.

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