I will fight on to save post offices - Howarth

September 24, 2008 2:23 PM

Outraged Cambridge MP, David Howarth is to fight in Parliament to save three Cambridge post offices from closure.

He plans to throw doubt on the whole public consultation process which took place in the city, claiming it failed to give people a fair opportunity to complain.

The consultation was held in the summer, outside University term time when students and teaching staff were away from the city.

And those people who did want to complain were afraid to do so in case they saved one post office only to put another in the firing line, said Mr Howarth.

The Post Office announced it was closing branches at Regent Street, Trumpington Road and the St John's Post Office in Hills Road.

But it revealed that there had been a "relatively small number of responses" to the Regent Street branch consultation.

"The whole consultation was ludicrous," said Mr Howarth. "It was held at a time when the University was closed and students and teachers - who make up a high proportion of customers at these branches - were not around.

"When people did consider complaining they were worried in the backs of their minds that, if they saved one post office another one would automatically come into the firing line.

"The Government has added to the financial difficulties of many branches by taking away their business, namely benefits and pensions, and then has come up with a stupid policy for closure. This is totally outrageous."

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